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Understanding the Importance of Establishing Key Project Milestones

If you like to walk, run, or ride a bicycle it’s always good to take notice of mile or kilometer markers along the journey because they tell you how far you’ve gone and specifically where you are on a particular road or path. Nowadays, with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in watches, smart phones and…
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How to Answer Key Questions That Come Up During the Conceptual Phase of a Project

If you oversee or are associated with implementing capital projects, then you've heard this question a bunch of times. How much will this project cost? I'm sure capital project portfolio managers, construction engineers, project engineers, project estimators, cost control engineers and other project management practitioners have had to answer this question on numerous occasions. All…
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Managing Capital Project Portfolios Like a Pro

The Big Challenge If you have the responsibility or accountability for managing a portfolio of capital projects, then you are aware of the many challenges associated with this role. If the capital projects in your portfolio are to be implemented globally, the challenges are significantly more difficult. A capital project portfolio often consists of projects…
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