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Business Engineering

Strategic Facility Effectiveness

Many companies set goals to achieve year over year business improvements but often neglect to consider if their physical assets and resources are capable of achieving those goals. We can introduce an asset readiness framework to your company that can help you see gaps and close gaps so that you are better able to achieve business goals.

Capital Governance and Portfolio Management Systems

A significant portion of a company's cash is often used for facility maintenance, improvements or expansion. If your systems for managing capital projects are more unstructured and undisciplined than you would like them to be, we can help.

Due Diligence Support and New Business Development

If you are a company thinking about acquiring a facility, you will need to understand how well the asset has been maintained and how well their capital projects were implemented.

If you are a engineering services provider seeking ways to expand the work that you do, then you'll need some fresh ideas on how to do this. Let our insights and experience assist your teams in supporting your growth aspirations.