What Happens When Something is Missing in Your _______?

Many times, people find themselves in a certain situation and they just can’t put their finger on what’s wrong.  Something is often missing but the missing elements simply elude them.  A clue to finding out what’s missing can sometimes be found by looking at the results.

Over my career, I was fortunate to have mentored many people.  When I first started my career, somebody gave me a diagram that helps users of the diagram to quickly pinpoint the missing thing that may be causing an issue with their career or with their organization or situation.  If something came up in my discussion with a mentee, where there was some discontent with a given circumstance, I would share this diagram with them to tease out ideas.  My mentees often found it quite helpful and eye opening.  I decided to recreate and modernize it a bit and share it.  Maybe this diagram will help you too (click on the image below to enlarge).

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