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Are You Prepared to Achieve Your Corporate Goals?

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About a year after shattering the world record that he set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics running the 100m race in 9.69 seconds, Usain Bolt obliterated the 100m world record inBerlin in 2009 with a 9.58 seconds performance.

Many companies set annual goals, but a lot of them fail to achieve these goals.Here are some thoughts that may help you achieve goals more consistently.

In many of Bolt’s races, the athletes who finished second, third and so on in the race, ran their personal best and still could not surpass Bolt’s speed. This makes Bolt’s accomplishment even more impressive.People often questioned, because Bolt was so talented, did he ever get nervous before a race?

Bolt noted in interviews that he sometimes would get nervous because he wondered, would he still be the fastest man in the world, prior to a given race.It seems to me, from what I could deduce from some of his interviews, a key for him to overcome the nerves or pre-race "butterflies," was to prepare himself as well as he possibly could. His God given talents and abilities coupled with focused preparation, resulted in world record setting successes and a stellar career that some say will take decades to equal or be exceeded by another sprinter.

Corporations tend to set goals to improve year over year performance in order to win in the marketplace. However, what I have learned from my many years of experience, is business leaders often set goals without really knowing if their assets and resources can achieve those goals.

There is often little emphasis placed on understanding their track record, current capabilities or the preparation and focus needed to achieve the desired goals. In some cases, there is over exuberance in setting goals by those who are in the leadership ranks. They, then, experience lower than expected performance and exuberance turns into worry and worry turns into panic and panic turns into chaos and chaos turns into poor decision making.

Often, one or more competitors outpaces your company. They navigate well through the dynamic marketplace and succeed in raising the competitive bar throughout the year and make the possibility of achieving your goals even less attainable than initially expected.

Bolt’s combination of preparation and management of “butterflies” led him to the top of his sport. His peers and fans will forever be amazed by his athletic achievements.The Brandon Group (https://www.brandongrp.com/) believes preparation for achieving company goals needs to include a Strategic Readiness Assessment (SRA) of resources and assets to assure that you have what it takes to achieve peak performance. If needed, we can certainly facilitate your efforts in this area.

Companies need to understand their performance history and gaps and have a desire and process to develop plans to close or eliminate the gaps. They should then initiate actions, aligned with those plans, in order to achieve their desired goals.

"Corporate nerves" or "Corporate butterflies" should motivate you to do this preparation well. Rest assured that your competition is trying hard to achieve their personal best in the marketplace.

If you prepare early enough with a consistent and sustainable approach, your chance of consistent success will be much improved. Further, if you prepare well and your product and capabilities have qualified you to contend in the marketplace, then your chances of winning will certainly be elevated.

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